The Bay School of Art reserves the right to make course changes and/or instructor changes at any time.



Registration forms are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Payment and registration forms must be completed within 7 days of reservation to ensure a place in the class. Refunds will be granted up to 15 days of the starting date, after that time a cancellation fee of $50.00 will be imposed. Once a course begins there will be no refunds after the second class. 

**Class fees are pro-rated for those who join late.**

20% off 2 or more Classes!

What to Wear

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to work in and appropriate for working in an art studio. We provide smocks for children, however they are NOT guaranteed to keep 100% of the paint off!



Photos are taken regularly at the school for advertising and marketing purposes. If you do not want your photo or that of your child’s photo used, please inform the school in writing at the time of registration.

School Closures

The school reserves the right to cancel classes due to severe and extreme weather conditions. There are no refunds issued for such cancelled classes. Class cancelled due to instructor illness - a make up class may be added. Students will be notified by phone. On such days, please call the school at: 705.727.6161 for further information.

Missed Classes

There are no discounts, refunds or credits for classes not attended. If a class is missed, there is the opportunity to make it up in another class, provided there is room. You need to contact the office or speak directly to the instructor to let them know you would like to do a make up class. Missed classes are NOT transferable to the next session.